Important Dates

September 15, 2017
Applications for the 2018 Stiefel Scholar Award due to the DF office.
October 16, 2017
Applications for the 2018 Career Development Awards, Fellowships, and Grants due to the DF office.
November 1, 2017
Deadline for CDA renewal requests.
February 17, 2018
2018 Research Award recipients announced.

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Research Awards Program

The DF's Research Awards Program offers a variety of research awards intended to advance the early academic careers and research efforts of physicians and scientists in dermatology and cutaneous biology. An emphasis is placed on supporting research that benefits the dermatology community at large and has significant potential to advance patient care. It is the expectation that the recipients of Foundation awards will be tomorrow's expert teachers, innovative investigators and master clinicians in dermatology.

The Dermatology Foundation is now accepting applications for all 2018 research awards. Interested individuals are encouraged to carefully read the general and award-specific eligibility requirements before completing an application package. Applications received after the deadline cannot be considered for funding. Funding begins July 1, 2018.

The Dermatology Foundation is pleased to introduce a three-year research award made possible by a generous contribution from Charles and Daneen Stiefel—the 2018 Stiefel Scholar Award. This award is designed to support outstanding investigators committed to understanding the molecular and cellular basis of skin cancer (melanoma or non-melanoma) and/or its treatment. A generous mechanism of support providing $100,000 per year, this award is intended for early to mid-career investigators.

Click here for the specific eligibility requirements and application instructions. Interested individuals will also need to download the Stiefel Award Application Form. All award applications are due on or before Friday, September 15, 2017

The Foundation conducted a thorough review of the Research Awards Program to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the specialty. As a result, the DF identified a number of updates to CDA. fellowship and grant offerings and requirements for the 2018 funding year. Please read the Applicant Instructions carefully for the most current eligibility and application information. Several application forms have been updated to obtain additional information. Applicants are encouraged to download the most up to date forms.

Recipients of career development awards may request renewal for a second or third year of funding. Instructions for preparing a renewal package can be found in section VI of the Applicant Instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the Foundation's Research Awards Program, or a current award, please call the Foundation office at (847) 328-2256. Or if you prefer, you may send your inquiry to

The DF 2017 Research Award Recipients were announced at the Foundation's annual membership meeting in Orlando on March 4th. Congratulations to the 52 individuals who received a DF career development award, fellowship or research grant.

Several the recipients stopped by the DF booth to share their thanks:

  • Hadar Lev-Tov, MD - Medical Dermatology CDA
    Hadar Lev-Tov, MD
    Medical Dermatology CDA
  • Neda Nikbakht, MD, PhD, Dermatologist - Investigator Research Fellowship
    Neda Nikbakht, MD, PhD, Dermatologist
    Investigator Research Fellowship
  • Maija Kiuru, MD, PhD - Dermatopathology Research CDA
    Maija Kiuru, MD, PhD
    Dermatopathology Research CDA
  • Joshua Arbesman, MD, Medical Dermatology CDA
    Joshua Arbesman, MD
    Medical Dermatology CDA
  • Bahram Razani, MD, PhD, Dermatologist Investigator Research Fellowship
    Bahram Razani, MD, PhD
    Dermatologist Investigator Research Fellowship
  • Zelma C. Chiesa Fuxench, MD, Medical Dermatology CDA
    Zelma C. Chiesa Fuxench, MD
    Medical Dermatology CDA
  • Megan Noe, MD, Clinical CDA in Health Care Policy/Public Health
    Megan Noe, MD
    Clinical CDA in Health Care Policy/Public Health

Award recipients can do something specific to help the Dermatology Foundation continue funding the research projects of today. The Foundation has prepared a PowerPoint slide to be used in your research presentations. It reads: "The Dermatology Foundation has supported and advanced my career." Click here to view and download a copy of the PowerPoint DF slide, or download the slide as a PDF.

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