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The Dermatology Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3, charitable organization. Established in 1964, it provides support for innovative research projects, enabling advancements in patient care.

A Message from the DF President:
Kim B. Yancey, M.D.
Kim B. Yancey, M.D.

I would like to extend my deep appreciation to the many DF members, societies and industry supporters who gave generously to the Dermatology Foundation over the past year. Your contributions made it possible for the DF to award $2.6 million in critically needed funding for 2018. With your help, the Foundation invested in 58 research projects that have the strong potential to transform novel ideas into a greater understanding of dermatologic conditions and new treatments in our field.

As we continue our annual fundraising efforts, I cannot think of a time in the history of the Foundation when the participation of the full dermatologic community was more important. While adequate research funding remains a significant and ongoing challenge for the specialty, the opportunities for medical advances are tremendous. When you give to the DF, you sponsor innovative research. When we all give, we can profoundly change the practice of dermatology and improve the lives of patients everywhere.

This year, join me or renew your support, and help shape the future of dermatology.

Thank you and kindest regards,

Kim B. Yancey, M.D.

Our Sincere Gratitude for Continued Support of the Specialty
Charles and Daneen Stiefel
Charles and Daneen Stiefel

Congratulations to Charlie Stiefel on the publication of his new book, Skin Saga. This story details how a small European soap business evolved and grew over six generations to become a global dermatology company. The finished work is particularly relevant to the DF in that Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.—and several generations of the Stiefel family—have made notable and durable contributions to the specialty and the mission of the Foundation.

Recent and compelling examples of such contributions are exemplified by Charlie and Daneen Stiefels' $2 million sponsorship of the Stiefel Scholar awards supporting research in autoimmune and connective tissue diseases, and skin cancer. As yet another example of generosity, they have directed that all proceeds derived from the sale of Skin Saga be given to the Dermatology Foundation. We could not be more honored to have their support and confidence.


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